Ban Plastic Shopping Bags..Why..They’re Useful..Pro and Cons..Problems

Little Things We can Do To Protect Our Children’s Future.

When you look at the mess the world is in, it all becomes too much. What can I, as one person, possibly do to help?

Just a little story, from many years ago.

I told my new boyfriend that he had 2 choices:
1) Get out of my car and pick up that empty cigarette packet he’d just thrown out the window…..or….
2) Get out and walk. Don’t bother calling me.
At first he thought I was joking, Whats 1 empty packet of cigarettes going to do. I told him that if we all thought like that we’d be up to our necks in empty cigarette packets. I was serious, he opted for choice number 1. We discussed the litter issue for awhile, he said he hadn’t thought of it like that before. Needless to say he converted his family and friends to stop littering. By the action of 1 person, another and another person stopped littering. So, as only 1 person we can actually do so much.

Ban Plastic Shopping Bags. Why? But they’re Useful. The Pros of using Real Washable Bags. Problems I had at first.

Why: Because they do not break down. We may not be able to see with our naked eye, but the plastic molecules get into everything, particulary our ocean. Which then gets absorbed by all the sealife including the kai moana we eat. Plastic bags floating in our waters kills all creatures that eat jellyfish, eg. dolphins and turtles, plastic bag’s block the gut, the animal thinks its full, and dies slowly of starvation.  Over saturation of plastic molecules turns oceans into deserts, which then can no longer absorb the green house gases, leaving our children’s future vulnerable to polluted air and their skin to extreme sun damage.

But they’re useful: Yep they are. I recycled them as bin liners for years, until I realised I was still helping to create a dirty world. Ok then how did our parents and grandparents who didn’t have plastic shopping bags, contain their rubbish, especially wet paru stuff. NEWSPAPER. Everything was wrapped in it. For the more paru stuff….honga……I use bread bags, frozen vegie bags.
The Pros of using real bags: They are stronger, carry more. The handles don’t bite into your fingers if you’ve got a long way to carry them. Best of all you are helping to look after your children’s future.

Problems I had at first: I kept forgetting them when I went shopping. So I’d ask for some empty boxes to put my groceries in. Or I’d forget to take them into the shop with me. So I’d refill my shopping trolley without plastic shopping bags and pack my groceries into the REAL bags back at the car.

My New Catch Cry’s

Only Dags
Use Plastic Shopping Bags
Don’t Be A Dag
Use A Real Bag
Love Your Kids
Love Their Future
Ban Plastic Shopping Bags……….or Use a Real Bag

The most important step is the first one, however big or small.


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